Brands that connect..

The brands that we manage keep people in touch with the people and places they love!

It’s a simple idea. Easy is better. At Pulse Telecom we give you hassle-free international calling services that are catered to fit your needs. Even the smallest problems can ruin quality conversations. That’s why we offer knowledgeable customer support in your native language, easy-to-use technology that anyone can understand and a variety of features that reduce your dialing time. We offer flexibility, reliability and low-cost international calls for your mobile phone, landline or computer to a worldwide network of more than 180 countries.

At, our promise is simple: Get the lowest rates available – anywhere! You shouldn’t have to drain your bank account just to keep in touch with the people and places you love. So, we’ll make sure to meet your calling needs, simplify your life and give you access to the lowest rates industry wide.